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CCF Young Computer Scientists & Engineers Forum





论坛时间:20140921(星期三) 09:30-12:00



9:30 特别论坛开始

特邀讲者:Wanlei Zhou Alfred Deakin Professor, Chair of Information Technology and Head, School of Information Technology, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

演讲题目:Modelling the Propagation of Malware and Rumours in Networks


特邀讲者:Yuliang Zheng Professor, Department of Software and Information Systems, University of North Carolina    at Charlotte, USA

演讲题目:Secure Collaboration in a Heterogeneous Cloud


11:00 Panel讨论

   人:西南大学计算机与信息科学学院院长  张自力



报名方式:Emailydeng@swu.edu.cn; Tel: (023)62254555





特邀讲者 Wanlei Zhou

        Professor Zhou is Alfred Deakin Professor, Chair of Information Technology and Head, School of Information Technology, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. In many leadership roles Professor Zhou has worked extremely effectively, both with internal colleagues and with external organizations such as government agencies, the Australian Computer Society, universities within Australia and overseas, and industry partners. His research interests include theory and practical issues of building distributed systems, security and reliability of uter networks, bioinformatics, and e-learning. Professor Zhou has published more than 280 papers in refereed international journals and refereed international conferences proceedings. He has also chaired many international conferences. Prof Zhou is a Senior Member of the IEEE.


特邀讲者 Yuliang Zheng

        Professor Yuliang Zheng, from the Department of Software and Information Systems at UNC Charlotte, is known as the father of signcryption technology which is now an international standard for data security. His pioneering research into immunizing public key encryption against adaptive attacks has been embodied in numerous international standards for public key cryptography, including those from ISO, IEEE and IETF. An internationally recognized authority in cryptography and network security, Professor Zheng has published over 200 scholarly articles and books on security and holds a multiple number of patents in cyber security. He plays an active leadership role in international research communities, serving as the Chair of the Steering Committee of the Public Key Cryptography (PKC) conferences sponsored by the International Association for Cryptologic Research.